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Pivotal Advisors works with companies to bring a new level of discipline to the way they manage their sales organizations so they can achieve increased sales. As opposed to ''sales trainers'' that work on soft skills that seem to disappear after 90 days, Pivotal Advisors works with companies to address components that need to be in place for the sales organization to be effective. We call these Success Factors and they are:

Growth Strategy - Is your strategy clearly defined, documented, communicated to everybody and being executed?

People - do you have the right people on board? How do you know? Do you have a solid process for recruiting, hiring and retaining top talent? Do you have have defined and effective programs for onboarding new reps? Do you invest in development existing sales reps?

Process - is there a defined sales process for winning business or does each rep do it their own way. Is there consistency in approach, sales steps, tools, and messaging?

Measurement - are you measuring the the things that lead to sales (leading indicators that can be managed) or just sales results (lagging indicators)
Rewards and Recognition - are you doing the right things to drive behavior? Do you have monetary and non-monetary reward systems in place to recognize performance?

Leadership and Implementation - is your leader truly leading, driving behavior, motivating his/her team, developing skills through coaching and holding people accountable?

Pivotal Advisors helps companies assess their organization, then close their gaps and achieve results.


  • Helps sales organizations take their teams to the next level
  • Improve accountability, predictability and visibility into the sales organization
  • Improves effectiveness of the sales team
  • Give sales leaders the tools to be more effective

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