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Healing Hearts & Hooves


Non Profit Organization

About Us

History on Healing Hearts & Hooves
I started an animal rescue in 2012, and with the help of a ton of absolutely amazing people, have saved over 3500 dogs and cats. I began rescuing horses in 2016. I have saved horses from kill buyers, auctions, and have also taken in owner surrenders. I currently own 26 horses/donkeys of my own- they were either adopted through a horse rescue/ rescued from the slaughter pipeline or were owner surrenders. In 2019, I fell in love with the Belgian breed and have since acquired 10 draft breeds. My home is a retirement home for these gentle giants- none will ever work again, except possible light riding. I decided we need to expand and begin saving horses to place in foster homes and find them their forever homes. With the help of my husband, sister, and a few close friends, we are making this dream come true! As this organization grows, we would like to welcome those with disabilities and those that suffer from PTSD to spend time with our equine friends! We are a 501(c)3 nonprofit in the state of Minnesota- All of your donations are tax deductible!

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