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Blue Egg Leadership

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PO Box 56
Elko New Market, MN 55020
(540) 392-5592
(952) 461-4269 (fax)
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    At Blue Egg Leadership we are committed to offering the most comprehensive coaching strategies to outfit individuals or teams meeting them wherever they are presently and guiding them to possibilities.
    Who we are
    Our core values permeate all we do. They guide our sessions and inform or work each day. These values ensure we provide you with superb services and powerful resources so your experience of growing into your leadership space is unforgettable and supported.


    Belonging to a Bigger Dream

    Lifelong Learning

    Unique Perspectives

    Expression of Authentic Self

    It is Time to RETHINK the way we DESIGN our lives, businesses, and passion! Imagine a world filled with people who live with authenticity, embrace their passions and continually commit to happiness and contribution. This is a world where individuals are genuine, communicate from their heart, thrive on what is possible and embrace others with compassionate connection.

    Blue Egg Leadership desires and is creating, one individual, one entrepreneur and one community at a time.

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