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See Me: Unlocking Resources for the Neurodiverse

See Me: Unlocking Resources for the Neurodiverse

Non Profit Organization

About Us

We are a local nonprofit that help Neurodiverse (autism, adhd, anxiety,etc) establish community connections. We also strive to reduce stigma against mental health.

See Me: Unlocking Resources for the Neurodiverse was founded by Katie Hendrickson and Katie Engstrom. Katie and Katie met through their own journeys in the neurodiverse world. Both experienced many barriers to finding the support and care they needed when their children were displaying emotional/social/behavioral concerns. The barriers faced contributed to delayed diagnosis, prolonged and progressive struggles, and eventually to emotional and spiritual exhaustion felt by the families. Many of the barriers faced could be reduced or even eliminated through knowledge, understanding, and connections. Katie and Katie are on a mission to create a wealth of resources available for other families who are struggling. Being Neurodiverse and/or raising a neurodiverse child is difficult enough on its own, finding help and resources should not add to the daily struggles. Let us join your village and unlock resources for you and your family!

Join us for an IN PERSON support meeting for parents and caretakers of neurodiverse children.

When: 3rd Wednesday of the month, 7:00-8:00PM

Where: The Lake Nutrition in Prior Lake, MN- 15875 Franklin Trl SE STE 104

What: An opportunity to share achievements, ask for ideas and help, discuss current struggles, and be surrounded by people who understand.

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