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Fox Tracks Print & Marketing Solutions

Fox Tracks Print & Marketing Solutions

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About Us

Fox Tracks Print & Marketing Solutions is a full-service, cross media marketing company. Since our inception in 1993, we have continued to evolve offering interactive cross media marketing services, such as personalized targeted marketing, EDDM campaigns, data mining, custom websites, mobile websites, SEO, Social Media marketing , email marketing, creative design and copywriting content for our clients. The combination of these tools have achieved remarkable results for the companies we serve!
What makes us different? Marketing is the word we use to explain how we encourage people to buy your products or services. When working with Fox Tracks, we begin with a plan: objectives, strategy and tactics (how we implement the strategy). Our process helps companies build relationships with their prospects and customers and enhances the value of the customers we server. Fox Tracks' integrated, multi-channel (online and offline), customer-centric process used to define, segment, reach, and convince potential clients to purchase your product or service, followed by analyzing the metrics to refine your strategy and repeat the process as needed to optimize the ROI (return on investment).
Our Services and tools we use to help our customers: Full Service Printing Commercial and Digital, Marketing Strategy & Plan Building, Data Market Research - Lead Generation, Website Design / SEO / Managed Hosting, Branding Logo & Graphic Design, Targeted Direct Mail, Sign Printing and Corridor Strategy Placements, Google Ad Words / Display / Re-targeting Ads, Social Media Strategy and Ads


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