Association Reconstruction



About Us

Association Reconstruction is a locally owned and operated roofing, siding and storm damage restoration company serving Minnesota & Wisconsin homeowners associations such as townhome and condominium buildings.

How can we serve you?

1. Storm Damage Monitoring Program: Sign up today for our free, no contract storm damage monitoring program. Our team of meteorologists monitor all severe storms and will notify you when your property should be inspected for potential hail or wind damage. Most insurance policies only allow you to submit an insurance claim within one or two years from the date of loss. If you attempt to submit a claim after the date of loss your claim will be denied and the damaged components will most likely not be covered on any future insurance claims.

2. Denied Insurance Claim Review: Have you had an insurance claim denied due to hail or wind damage? We welcome the opportunity to provide a review at no expense to you. You have options if you disagree with your insurance company! We are proud to say we are not a preferred contractor for any insurance company therefore we have no conflicts of interest. We work for you!

3. Full Service Storm Damage Restoration: Have you or are you about to file an insurance claim and need a full service storm damage restoration contractor to represent you? We can help by handing every step of the process!

4. Roofing & Siding Replacement Quotes: Would you like a roofing replacement or siding replacement quote? No problem! We do non-insurance work too!